Ignorant of the law, this cop physically assaults nurse who was doing the right thing all along!

She was dragged away violently and handcuffed after educating the detective of the law

Nurse Alex Wubbels from Salt Lake City, Utah was arrested after explaining to a detective that she couldn’t draw a blood sample from an unconscious person without either a warrant or consent from the patient, and she also explained to the ignorant cop the only other way it could be done was if the patient was under arrest.

The police were forced to apologize after video of the incident, released by the nurse’s attorney, went viral and news networks from across the world picked up on the story.

From NBC News,

The Salt Lake City police department announced Friday that it had put Detective Jeff Payne, the officer who arrested Alex Wubbels, plus a second employee, on leave “pending the results of an investigation.” The second employee was not identified, but police spokeswoman Christina Judd confirmed to NBC News on Saturday that he was also a police officer […] Wubbels told NBC News on Friday that the worst part wasn’t that she was manhandled by a detective — it was that none of the other officers who were watching intervened. “I was being bullied and nobody was willing to speak up for me,” she said.

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