Eric Bolling sues reporter, not Huffington Post, after Fox News suspends him

“If he wants to get into this fight with me, I’m happy to take it on,” the journalist being sued told CNN

The suspended Fox News host has oddly opted to not sue Huffington Post for defamation but has instead gone after the columnist who broke the story that sparked an investigation by Fox News and Bolling’s subsequent suspension.

“It’s really important to note […] he’s suing me personally for $50 million,” Yashar Ali tells CNN in the video above. “He did not include HuffPost […] if you feel you’ve been aggrieved and you deserve damages, then you go after the multi-billion dollar conglomerate, not an individual reporter.”

“I feel like I have to really fight this because of other reporters who will be frightened by this kind of [legal] action,” Ali added.

From the New York Times,

The article, by Yashar Ali, cited a dozen unidentified people who said that Mr. Bolling had “sent an unsolicited photo of male genitalia via text message to at least two colleagues at Fox Business and one colleague at Fox News.” On Saturday, a day after the article was published, Fox News said it had suspended Mr. Bolling pending an investigation into the accusations. The network said it had learned about the allegations following an inquiry from HuffPost.

The disgraced Bolling is a notorious racist and has been openly sexist on Fox News.

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